Since 2008 in field of Industrial and Managerial Professional Planning & Development for all kinds of organizations in Saudi Arabia and Arab World through Distinctive Expertise and International Philosophy


We are committed to our clients to provide a distinguished consultancy service through our particular Development Priorities Philosophy (DPP) in order to make sure that the development recommendations will be completely suitable to the client’s current situation and thus minimize the risk of having development programs that could negatively affect the organizations…​​​


Our Development Priority Philosophy (DPP)
has the following characteristics:


  • Studying and analyzing the current situation of the organization before providing any development program recommendations.


  • Balancing between the proposed development programs and the level of professional maturity of the organization, commensurate with the extent of applicability of these programs.


  • Providing consultations and designing systems which are:

    • Address weaknesses and consolidate strengths.

    • Flexibles, easy and practical to be implemented.

    • Implemented with the lowest cost with the maximum impact.

    • Providing world class international standards with an adjustment that suits with our local environment.​