Success Partners

Since 2008, our consultative team have had a numerous success stories and achievements in industrial and managerial development field. The following are some of our prominent projects partners

Makkah Province Emirate – Prince’s office, Integration Development Center "IDC"

•    Developing IDC's new Strategy to lead Makkah Province Development activities to be align with Vision 2030 objectives, in order to create an attractive investment environment with No obstacles.
•    Developing business plans to resolve development obstacles by seeking Planning, Execution and Marketing integration among all sectors public and privet sectors. 
•    Supervise the implementation of approved business plans.
•    Represent IDC in internal and external events.
•    Study Business Development “BD” initiatives to examine their feasibility by design and facilitate special sessions to analyze the PPP Components and alternatives (SPV, BOT, DBO, Concessions, minimum usage limit, government guarantee forms ...etc.).
•    Search for new QUALITATIVE initiatives, and design its PPP & PSP business model. Moreover, investigate their relevance to the Vision 2030 objectives and Launching  several development initiatives in Makkah Province.
•    Assist studies and analysis of development obstacles.
•    Establish a special unit to empower small investors (SME’s, Promising & Startup Companies, Entrepreneurs and Productive Families), and launch several initiatives for them.

Ministry of Sports Clubs (Al-Wehda and Al-Ittihad)

  • Supporting clubs to achieve their goals from the governance initiative of the Ministry club support strategy.

  • Designing policies and procedures that aligned with governance standards as per the requirements of the Ministry.

  • Follow up the monthly and quarterly evaluation process with the Ministry, participating in meetings, and communicate with the clubs support strategy team.

  • Organizing and managing workshops and programs of training & development for employees in order to develop their capabilities, and achieves the concept of transferring knowledge to them from the consultant.

  • Follow up the employees' deliverables and evaluate their performance to achieve the optimum benefit from the governance standards by recommending solutions to develop their performance.

  • Following up on the maturity level of the implementation within the club and Specify the administrative and technical needs necessary to increase the level of maturity, with recommendations for developing the policies and procedures of the entire management system.

Jeddah Municipality

  • BPR Project of Building Permits Management.

  • BPR Project of (عمليات المرادم ونقل مخلفات البناء والحفريات).

  • Restructuring Project of City Planning Department.

  • BPR Project of (الإدارة العامة للتخطيط العمراني).

  • Deliverables Quality Assurance for BPR Project of (إدارة الأزمات والمكافحة الحشرية).

Saudia Airline

  • QMS Certifying Project for charity Division (ISO 9001).

SEDCO holding Co.

  • QMS Certifying Project for HR Division (ISO 9001).

Rabigh Petrochemical Logistics Company (RPL)
Petro Rabigh & Sumitomo supply arm

  • QMS Certifying Project (ISO 9001:2008).

Other Organizations 

  • Saudi Binladin Grop (HR Division).

  •  AlBir Society – Jeddah.

  • SAMACO Company (Porche, Flux Fajin, Audi, Marines Section, Contracting Section, Games Section).

  • Abdullah Assal-ku' and Sons (Business Section, Real Estate Section, SHARP , CANDY, SIRGASO and FRIGOR).

  • Motauifi of Turkey and Europe and America Muslims Pilgrims Est.

  • AL-Ridwan Company (Precast Concrete).

  • Saudi Distribution Company (Al-Sharg Al-Awssat, Al-Majalah, ..etc)


  • OFOQ Information System & Communication Co.

  • Cubic International Aluminum Industries.

  • Pioneer Company for Plastic Industries.