Planning Consultancy ( Strategic, Tactical & Operational )

  • Designing Feasibility Studies and Business Establishing Plans for industrial, trading and services projects.

  • Designing, managing and facilitating workshops of plans inputs and outputs.

  • Analyzing the organization internal status through the principles of ( B3S Strategic Analysis Matrix© ) .

  • Collecting and analyzing external data which are required for the plans.

  • Producing and publishing the plans to be suitable for communicating.

Human Resources Consultancy 

  • Designing HR Strategies to be linked to the organization’s strategies .

  • Designing Organizational and Operational Structures .

  • Designing and implementing Job & Positions Weighting Analysis Program, and preparing the Job Descriptions .

  • Designing Financial & Administrative Line Of Authority .

  • Designing HR and Personnel Policies, Procedures, Salary Scheme and Benefits & Incentives Regulations .

  • Providing Recruitment Services, CVs Screening and Interviews .

  • Analyzing & Assessment Training Needs, and Design Training Plans & Budget .

  • Evaluating Training Entities and Programs . 

Management Systems Consultancy

  • Identifying the appropriate International Standards * to assure if it is in accord to the organization’s needs.

  • Verifying the compatibility of organization Processes with the International Standards requirements.

  • Establishing Management Systems and controlling documents in accordance with the International Standards requirements.

  • Training Management Systems Internal Auditors and team members, and performing Internal Auditing.

  • Managing communication process, and requirement fulfillment process with certificate’s body agencies, and supporting the organization in External Auditing phase.

  • Maintaining Management Systems, by providing Consultancy Visits Service in order to assure the commitment to the International Standards.

  • Operating Management Systems, by providing Outsourcing Service in order to assure the commitment of the International Standards.  

Consultancy of Designing & Developing Processes

  • Designing & Developing the Industrial, Managerial and Technical standard processes according to Process & System Approach.

  • Applying Continual Improvement concept according to (B3S Continual Improvement Model©) .

  • Implementing As-is Processes Documentation Program.

  • Implementing Processes Standardization Program.

  • Implementing Business Process Improvement (BPI) Program.

  • Implementing Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Program.

  • Evaluating ERP systems to insure the requirements fulfillment.

Governance and Compliance Consultancy

  • Designing the governance manual.

  • Develop compliance and risk management procedures.

  • Develop internal audit procedures.